UW vs Most Wanted : 1PM EST 26th June confirmed. [WE WON!] 5-4

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UW vs Most Wanted : 1PM EST 26th June confirmed. [WE WON!] 5-4

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:41 pm

Rulue- Evil witch combined with JV. I'm sure Rulue will be racing in a both game probably because of her long "200" delay. I prefer Golem to waste rulue in a both game since he has a short trail with a delay of "40". Turmoil or Agility could be qualified for wasting rulue if they knew how to, which I need to train them ASAP. They're delay is touching near 70's range suprisingly.

WolfInABox- MilfInABox xD. Anyway, I'm sure he's probably really rusty and should be easy to take out since he has a short delay that is 40's zone.

Nitro- Same as above. ^

Afterburn- He isn't really a threat but he's a decent waster, so it may be harder to take him out?

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